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Full Wedding Planning service

You are getting married and are beyond excited but, “where shall I start from?”, “how do I find the time to organize my wedding?”, “I don’t really know what I want and how to make it true”.

Don’t worry! Hiring a Wedding Planner is going to be, by far, your best decision.

This Full Wedding Planner service, which includes the proper WDay design and full coordination of the day, is perfect for couples that do not want to stress out at all.

If you are short of time and want to have the best wedding suppliers, we can make it happen. We are going to make your wedding dream come true!

If you want to, you can be involved in the whole process as much as you want. But, if on the contrary, you want to relax and enjoy the special moments, we will make everything else happen for you.

We will start with a casual meeting to get to know each other. There, we might start brainstorming about your dream day, and from that moment on, we will create your perfect WDay step by step.

When the big day arrives, we will be there every step of the way to make sure everything is just perfect.

It doesn’t matter the idea you might have, we will make it true!

Wedding Coach

Do you want to organize your wedding but you are full of doubts?

We will advise you every step of the way so that every decision you make is the right one. Coaching sessions will help you to clarify your doubts and to progress with the organization of your WDay.

We will guide you with the next steps you need to take, and we will also review & check all of your vendors and wedding details.

This way, you will feel safer and relaxed along this whole planning process.

This customized coaching service is ideal for those couples who need a professional wedding planner who can advise and support you in every decision

Wedding Day coordination

There are many details that need to be taken care of to have a perfect wedding. We simply cannot leave anything to chance and the person who will coordinate your wedding will be in charge of supervising and directing all the process.

We will call every involved vendor and we will let them know the event’s timing so that you can relax and enjoy your last month before de WDay.

We will also be the point of contact for your friends and family. We want them to have an unforgettable day too.

We will accompany you during the ceremony, sit and accommodate your guests, coordinate entrances and exits, and we will be with each involved supplier helping them with the special moments such as photos, gifts or surprises that might occur.

Let us be your eyes, hands and legs, and you will feel your WDay was just easy and perfect.

A perfect wedding is the result of a perfect event coordination. So, we will assist you every step of the way so that you feel everything was just perfect and simple.


What kind of wedding do you visualize when you close your eyes? We want to know all about you and your dream wedding. We will advise you on every creative aspect, from creating your perfect wedding invitations to assembling the most dreamy and original seating plan.

We are passionate about weddings and we are sure we will love all your suggestions. Ranging from a classic wedding to a romantic one in a castle, or a crazy wed-party full of lights at sunset.

We create the best experiences, and your wedding will be one of those.

We are sure you guys will have tons of ideas and colors in mind so… we will start with a casual meeting in order to know everything you’d like to have on your big day. As soon as we know all your needs, likes and dislikes, we will visit the venue where the celebration is gonna take place so that we can consider every detail. That moment will be the starting point for the big WDay project.

We will accompany you all along this amazing journey so that you can decide on all the options we will offer you after meticulously studying all the vendors’ proposals.

Let’s dream together so that you rise and shine in your day! Just sit down and enjoy the view.

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