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You are getting married and are beyond excited but, “where shall I start from?”, “how do I find the time to organize my wedding?”, “I don’t really know what I want and how to make it true”.

Don’t worry! Hiring a Wedding Planner is going to be, by far, your best decision.

This Full Wedding Planner service, which includes the proper WDay design and full coordination of the day, is perfect for couples that do not want to stress out at all.

If you are short of time and want to have the best wedding suppliers, we can make it happen. We are going to make your wedding dream come true!

If you want to, you can be involved in the whole process as much as you want. But, if on the contrary, you want to relax and enjoy the special moments, we will make everything else happen for you.

We will start with a casual meeting to get to know each other. There, we might start brainstorming about your dream day, and from that moment on, we will create your perfect WDay step by step.

When the big day arrives, we will be there every step of the way to make sure everything is just perfect.

It doesn’t matter the idea you might have, we will make it true!


Complete Destination Wedding Experience


Different activities in San Sebastián:  Pintxos, Cider Houses, Sailing and fishing: Sail and motor boats, guided tours…

Prewedding: Organized a couple of days before the wedding day

Welcome Drink: Couple of days before the wedding day to welcome your guests to San Sebastian

Post-wedding: A relaxing plan for your guests after the big day

Build your Wedding Website

We will design a personalized website for your wedding. We will add all the important information of your special day: wedding date, place of the ceremony, banquet and party; with the timing of each moment.

In addition, we will include the hotels and places of interest near the place of the celebration. If you have guests who come from other places, they can have as a reference accommodations and the essential places to visit. Also, they will have the contacts of beauty salons, hairdressers and makeup artists to prepare for the wedding day.

If the guests have any doubts or questions, they can contact us through the email or telephone that we will indicate on the web.


Why is San Sebastian the perfect Destination Wedding?

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