Reasons to choose San Sebastián as your Destination Wedding

When we think about our wedding day, we always dream of a special place for us. A city where we have lived unique and unforgettable moments, or the perfect place to say “I do”. Thus, many couples ask us, why is San Sebastian the perfect Destination Wedding?

San Sebastián, a unique city for your wedding

walk along The Concha Bay as newlyweds, with Santa Clara island in the middle of the sea, is the perfect plan to enjoy this dreamy landscape. But, would you rather have a city view from a higher spot? Mount Igueldo could be your perfect place to do so as it has the most mesmerizing views of the whole city.

As you can already imagine, San Sebastián is a combination of peaceful beaches and mountains, with those romantic spots the city offers you. It is the perfect place to share your love with your most special people.

Unequaled gastronomic experience

San Sebastián is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world. It is an international reference thanks to its, both traditional and innovative, Basque cuisine. It is the Spanish second city with the highest concentration of Michelin stars and it has also been recognized for its culinary quality. Enjoying a “Pintxo” crawl experience, eating at a cider house or visiting a gastronomic society, are also some of the other gastronomic experiences you can have while in San Sebastián. It is, without a question, an unbeatable experience for your big Wedding Day.

A Hollywood wedding

Cinema, arts and culture are San Sebastian’s hallmarks. Its International Cinema Festival is one of the most important film festivals in Europe. Every year, the city hosts numerous actors and actresses, cinema directors and artists from around the world.

Just like Woody Allen’s film, Rifkin’s Festival, or Game of Thrones, San Sebastián is the most idyllic setting to tell your perfect love story.

The most charming places to get married in San Sebastián

If you choose San Sebastián as your Destination Wedding, let us reveal to you the most magical places to celebrate your Wday:

Miramar Palace

With an incomparable scenery, this Palace stands out for its views to La Concha Bay.

María Cristina Hotel

This hotel has been internationally recognized for its exclusivity, luxury and elegance.

Arbaisenea Palace

This Palace, owned by the aristocratic House of Alba, has the bucolic landscape you want for your wedding.

Murguía Palace

Built in the 11th Century, this Palace is located in Astigarraga, only a 10 minutes ride from San Sebatián. Believe us when we say it is full of history and charm.

Château d’Arcangues

This castle is located in France, an hour away from San Sebastián, and has the most delightful natural setting to celebrate your wedding.

Reina de Bodas Wedding Coach

Your happiness is our priority

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